In today’s fast-moving yet crunched for spacetimes one question that is being asked is:

 “Are micro-units the future of city living?”

Well, with rising costs, high rentals and high maintenance costs involved in keeping a home, the challenges of modern times are many. So, one solution that experts say is smart is micro-apartments. They have begun to crop up in dense cities across the globe.

The idea is to go small

Micro apartments are quite common with so many of them cropping up across the world. Ideally, the unit is between 300-400 square feet, approximately the size of an average one-car garage. 

The area may sound cramped but this is definitely the way forward, looking at the rising housing concerns.

Why Micro-Apartments?

Did you know a report by the United Nations states that “nearly 70 per cent of the world will live in cities by 2050. Data also shows that younger generations are leading this urban migration.”

To begin with, reimagining a future for the coming generations means reimagining the way we work and live. This future gives a chance for industries such as real estate, transport, infrastructure, waste management. The new trend sweeping the world is called “micro-units.”

What is a micro-unit?

Most real estate firms define a micro-unit as a dwelling under 500 square feet. Today’s micro-unit are modular in nature, somewhere between 200-400 square feet, a comfortable, easy, and the modern or futuristic version of the urban experience. Modern-day individuals with their fast-paced work and social life find themselves pressed for a time especially when it comes to maintaining huge homes, complete with a front yard, porticos and backyard. The solution they feel is best in such situations are micro-apartments.

Cities and people everywhere are starting to accept homes that are just 350 square feet. Here are the elements of a micro-housing:

They look for amenities such as a home in the centre of the city with easy connectivity to laundry delivery, cleaning services and restaurants. Basically, people today prefer a well-connected location and amenities. Housing experts say mansions are passé now.

For most, micro-units are as good as a luxury hotel with many having gyms, game zones, bars, libraries, supermarkets and more all incorporated in the micro-unit building. Well, they are some that also have pet spas; with so much to offer it is obvious why they are preferred. Also, even if the micro-units doesn’t offer such amenities, the low cost, low-maintenance is one main reason why they’re rising in popularity.

Why and how do micro-units work?

Innovative technology and design have made living in smaller places possible and easy.  Space-saving solutions such as convertible seating, beds that fold into the wall, and overhead storage. Sliding doors and partitions do not take up too much space. 

Getting inventive with space

Co-living is yet another phenomenon wherein people live or share a house or apartment, and other living spaces. Most micro-units come with cleaning services, community activities to bring people together in a less expensive set-up. 

Here are a few reasons why the industry experts believe that micro-unit is the dwelling of the future:

  • It makes financial sense.
  • With affordable housing available at lowered costs, the transit to work is reduced. This is one of the underpinnings of a micro-unit. This means fewer cars, less usage of fuel and a win for the city. 
  • Whether we like it or not, micro-units are here to stay. As times evolve, it is the fastest to adapt that thrive, cities and home-dwellers too must embrace these new developments to encourage the comfortable, affordable, environmentally safe way of life. Micro-units simply is the way of the future, a collaborative way of life that is making way for the future generations too.

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